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The World Is Becoming More & More Digital.

So Should Your Business

The Small Business Digital Roadmap is for small business owners or team members who are low on one or more of the following things:

Spend Less Money

We understand that small businesses don’t always have a big marketing budget, and that’s okay. With the Small Business Digital Road Map, you will learn strategies that are either free, or much more cost effective than traditional forms of marketing or paying big monthly retainers to marketing companies.

Save More Time

As a business owner, time can often be your most valuable resource. We value your time as well, so this is going to be a no fluff course that is designed to teach you exactly what you need know in order to have a successful online marketing journey in the most time – effective way possible. 


Get More Business

The Small Business Digital Road Map isn’t just deisgned to save your money and time, it’s designed to get you results. During this program you will learn the top digital marketing strategies that have been tested and are proven to grow small businesses like yours.

What’s Included

The Small Business Digital Roadmap covers a wide variety of digital marketing topics help those that are just getting started to those looking to grow


Foundation is important. In this program we will walk you step by step hrough the most important pieces when it comes to laying a digital foundation. These include setting up your website, funnels, social media, Google My Business, and more. 





Online advertising is one of the newest ways to generate customers for small businesses and definitely one of the most effective. Unlike bill boards or TV ads, online advertisements can be laser targeted to show your ad to only those who would be your ideal client. Leading to a higher conversion rate and a lower overall cost! 



Email and text marketing are great forms of online marketing because unlike online advertising, it can be free! In this program we will cover how you can build your email and text lists and the best ways to then market to these individuals. 




Social media, whether you love it or hate it, is here to stay. So, as a business owner it is important to lern how to use it, because most likely, your customers are using it too. The Digital Roadmap will teach you the top strategies when it comes to social media posting

Exclusive Facebook Community

When you join you will not only get access to video content, but also access to a members only Facebook group


Ask Questions

If you have any questions while going through the videos or during implementation, this is the place to get answers


Engage With Others

This community will be a place where small businesses owners from all over can connect and grow together

Weekly Live Q&As

Luke will be having weekly Facebook Lives where you can ask questions and get real time feedback

Bonus Offer: T.O.M.A.S

Luke Hyde has collaborated with one of the top software development companies to bring you an exclusive offer with their software, T.O.M.A.S. Standing for Total Online Marketing Assistant Software, this all-in-one marketing tool is designed to be like a new virtual team member. With every course purchase, you will be able to try T.O.M.A.S 100% for free. 

Automatic Follow Up

Create follow up campaigns that can send leads emails, phone calls, texts, voicemails, and more, all automatically.

Funnel / Website Builder

T.O.M.A.S includes an online builder capable of building funnels and even full websites. There templates available for almost every industry

Pipeline Manager

Create pipelines to organize leads based on where they are at within your own business’s customer journey and move them around freely.

Appointment Setting

Create an online calendar or connect to an existing one to set up appointments automatically.

Support Videos / Tickets

Every account has a full support library of videos and docs and the ability to submit a support ticket if more help is needed.

And More!

T.O.M.A.S can do many other things such as help you manage your reviews, keep track of your online advertisments, and more.

Luke Hyde

Founder and CEO of Drive Digital Advertising, Luke Hyde has helped small businesses all across the country. His full service online marketing agency has worked with businesses ranging from dentists to wineries to barbershops and more in between. 

During this time he has discovered what works and what does and the best way for a small business to grow online. He also realised that while he could help businesses one on one, he was limited in the number of businesses he could help. Combined with the fact that many small businesses need online marketing but lack the money, time, and experience, Luke decided to take action and build The Small Business Digital Roadmap.




What Makes Your Course Different?

This program is different from many other out there for multiple reasons. The first is in it’s purpose: Luke Hyde did not deisgn this course to become rich and famous. His goal with this program is to truely help as many small business owners.  In line with this philosophy, this course is focused much more on actionable steps that you as a business owner or member of the business can get started with and work on as soon as you finish the videos. 

Do I Need To Use T.O.M.A.S To Succeed With Your Course?

As you might know, there are tons of online marketing tools out there. T.O.M.A.S is great because it combines so many features into one which can be very helpful to streamline the online marketing process. However, in the course, Luke will cover strategies that can be used with a variety of tools, so you will be able to succeed if you already have tools you like or if you want to try out T.O.M.A.S. 

Is There A Satisfaction Guarentee?

Yes, there is a 100% satisfaction guarentee. We want to deliver the best and most help product as possible, so if within 30 days you are not satisfied with the course, we can issue a full refund. 


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