Programmatic media buying might sound like a scary, technical term, but don’t worry; Luke Hyde is here to help shed some light on the subject. Behind this digital marketing jargon is a very powerful tool for businesses in Michigan, so buckle up and make sure to read closely.

What Is Programmatic Media Buying?

To start, what is programmatic media buying? In simple terms, it is the automatic process of buying digital advertising space as opposed to buying ad space manually. The technology that performs this automatic process utilizes data and algorithms to serve customized ads to individuals all over the web.

Why Is Programmatic Media Buying Important In Michigan?

I hinted at this above, but the importance of programmatic media buying revolves around one word: personalization. Humans can manually place ads very well, but there is a limit to their extent of knowledge. Technology can often surpass manually buying by taking data and placing much more personalized ads in front of people. An example would be when the Economist divided their readers into different market segments and the automatic technology was able to deliver different ads to different people. WebFX says, “Each of these audience segments received ads tailored to their preferences. Someone interested in finance, for example, would see an ad that featured one of the publication’s recent (or most popular) finance stories.”. Personalization leads to higher conversion rates which leads to a higher return on ad spend. So, if your Michigan business wants to get the most out of their ad spend, seriously consider programmatic media buying!

How Can I get Started With Programmatic Media Buying?

Programmatic media buying is definitely more of an advanced digital marketing strategy. However, one example of a way you can get started with creating a Facebook Custom or Look A Like audience. Within your Facebook Ads Manager in the ad set level you will have the option to create these audiences.

Want To Learn More?

If your small business wants to learn more about these programmatic media buying and how to leverage them to grow your business all without a lot of money, time, or experience, The Small Business Digital Road Map is for you. Learn more about the program here and book a call with Luke today!