Keyword research is one of the building blocks of search engine optimization, and without it, your SEO efforts could be drastically misplaced. Therefore, it’s very important to understand how to get started with keyword research so your SEO campaigns are actually driving relevant traffic to your sites. Here are the 3 simple steps on how to get started with keyword research.

Step 1: Break Your Business Into Different Segments

The first step in keyword research is to break your business down into different groups to organize the different keywords we will research later on. So, if you are a dentist, your different segments could be the different services you offer like cosmetic or family dentistry. These will be the categories you will try to rank for eventually.

Step 2: Come Up With Keywords For Those Categories

Once you have the different categories made you can start filling them in with different keywords. Start by just brain dumping all of the different ideas you have for these different categories. If you run out of ideas and want more you could try out some different keyword idea tools like Ahrefs, Keyword Generator, or Wordtracker. These tools can help come up with a lot of different ideas you may have not even thought of!

Step 3: Narrow Down The Keywords By Relavance

Now, having a lot of keywords is great, but only if they are relevant for your business. Again, to use the dentist example, if you are a dentist, one of these tools might come up with “invisalign” as a keyword. However, if your office doesn’t offer Invisalign, you would not want to rank for this word. Also, you want to rank for keywords with the right searcher intent. So if someone is looking for “Best dentist to work for” they most likely aren’t trying to become a patient, and therefore aren’t the type of person you want to be drawing in.


Keyword Research Is Just The Beginning

So now you know how to research the best keywords for your busness. But how do you implement actually these keywords? Check out my blogs about onsite SEO, offsite SEO, and Google Ads to learn More. 

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